What to Expect From Your Planner

Obviously, every planner is different so for specific expectations you want to refer to your contract. There are some basic expectations though that I will go over as well as what NOT to expect. For starters, your wedding planner is your GUIDE. Your wedding planner is going to give you advice and can save you a lot of time. For most of you, this is your first time doing this. When you build a house you would typically hire a contractor. When you plan a wedding you need an expert as well.


Your budget is most likely going to be one of the first things you go over with your planner. It would be difficult to make suggestions on venues and vendors without knowing what your budget is. If I know a vendor has a minimum of an order of $5000 then it would be foolish for me to suggest that to someone with a $2000 budget for that item. It’s like looking at a house that is out of budget. You would be bound to fall in love with that house. In the end you would settle and feel like you aren’t getting what you really want. Sometimes your wedding planner has to be your voice of reason as well.

Your Dream Team

One of the things that can be the most stressful throughout the planning process is choosing your vendors. There are hundreds of vendors for just about every category. It can be overwhelming to decide who to trust or who fits into your theme the most. Wedding planners have lots of vendors in their list that fit many budgets and personalities. This is a huge value to you to relieve the stress of choosing vendors.

Your Vision

Have you ever felt like you have a vision in your head that you can’t quite relay to the rest of the world? That’s another thing your planner can help you with. I have a list of questions that I ask my couples immediately after they hire me. The questionnaire may seem daunting but it really gives me a picture for exactly what your true vision is. My job is to make your wedding unique and bring your personality into all the aspects of your celebration.

Wedding Day

Now comes the part of the planner’s job that is most visible. Your planner will coordinate your rehearsal and wedding day. This is most often the aspect that is most known to couples. I like to use the rehearsal as an opportunity to introduce myself to the wedding party and family members. I then establish an expectation for the wedding day. On the actual day of the wedding, I am there to check in with vendors during setup. Once the ceremony begins I am coordinating the processional and keeping the timeline. My goal is for you to be fully mentally, spiritually, and physically present in every moment of your day.

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