Top 10 Must-Have Wedding Midnight Snacks to Keep the Party Going

Weddings are a celebration in the fullest sense. With friends and family coming together to celebrate a loving union, who wouldn’t want to get a little rowdy?

When night falls and the energy levels start to drop, how do you keep your guests going? Well, by having a bunch of excellent and creative late-night snacks! Here’s a list of our ten favorites:

Build-Your-Own Nachos

Like many good things in life, this one can get a little messy. Get a small plate with chips already laid out, and then have bowls full of various toppings. Make sure to have all the favorites, like pickled jalapenos, ground beef (or ground turkey), queso, cilantro, and pico de gallo. You can even have tortilla shells and your guests could make tacos as well.

Gourmet taquitos

Taquitos are usually known for the frozen, microwaveable ones you see in the frozen section of supermarkets. But it’s super easy to make high-quality ones, and with multiple filling options—anything from shredded beef, roast pork, cheese, avocado, and so on.

Chocolate fountain

Self-explanatory, but it cannot be underestimated–even if it seems a bit cliché. Include items to dip into the chocolate stream, like strawberries, bananas, wafers, and so on.

white ceramic mug on top sppon and strawberry surrounded leche plan and strawberry on black round shape tray

Spring rolls

Spring rolls can be made with a wide variety of fillings, and they’re usually very refreshing and light. In Asia, they’re made this way because they’re great to drink with.

Sticky rice balls

Sticky rice is one of the most underrated Asian foods. They’re super easy to make, and they leave plenty of room for preference. Grab a chunk of marinated chicken and roll sticky rice around it. You could even go sweet with it by using mango.

Aesthetically-pleasing sugar panes, like shattered glass

These are super fun to eat and will add a wow-factor to the late-night hours. They are a simple option, but it’s also very unusual. Use natural food colors like turmeric, spinach, or grape skins to achieve beautiful colors, and then eat your sweet “glass.”

donuts and bagel display

Brownies and cookies

At number seven, we have the most basic option and arguably the most loved and cherished. Cookies and brownies, folks. What else could you ever ask for? I’ll leave it at that. You can even choose to have your baker bring them in with the rest of your desserts but keep them in the kitchen until later so they don’t get stolen early.

Burger sliders

Another versatile option, and an all-around favorite, are burger sliders. You can have vegan, vegetarian, and meat-eating options so everyone is satisfied and represented.

Rainbow gourmet fries

Getting potatoes of various colors and then making fries out of them might be the next big thing for food spreads. When a bunch of different colors are represented, the result is dazzling and beautiful, and very much unlike what we’re used to with standard fries.

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