Black Star Farms

History of Black Star Farms Black Star Farms was founded in 1998 near Traverse City, MI. The gorgeous, scenic venue has become a true one-of-a-kind destination nestled among the rolling hills of the Leelanau Peninsula. The international acclaimed wines, luxurious Inn, decadent wine paired culinary events and unparalleled hospitality has become a unique way forContinue reading “Black Star Farms”


What is the history of Nature? The idea of Nature was born 10 years ago when Emma and Bryan met. We were talking about ecology, community, and the future. We want to build something to share with people and that would empower people. We created Nature as a platform for people to be supported byContinue reading “Nature”

Wedding Invitation Wording for All Occasions

Every wedding is a wonderful, beautiful, and memorable event. Each wedding is also a unique event that is set apart by special choices made by the bride and groom during the wedding planning process. Each of these decisions weighs on choosing the right wedding invitation wording for the occasion. It is important for the brideContinue reading “Wedding Invitation Wording for All Occasions”

Wedding Traditions From Around The World Explained

I love talking about wedding traditions as you can tell by my many blogs about different traditions. In many cases, a marriage is recognized both by a church and the state. While the legal requirements for a wedding are established by the state, many couples wish to follow certain religious traditions to have their marriageContinue reading “Wedding Traditions From Around The World Explained”

3 Things That Could Affect Your Wedding Budget

Your budget is one of the first things that you will sit down and discuss when planning your wedding. It can also cause the most stress during the planning process. Below are 3 factors to consider when keeping to a wedding budget. Where You Wed Your wedding location will play a leading role in theContinue reading “3 Things That Could Affect Your Wedding Budget”

Things to Consider When Selecting a Wedding Venue

Selecting the right wedding venue takes a lot of time and research and can often be one of the hardest parts of planning a wedding. You need to make sure that your venue checks all the right boxes before you make a final decision. Your venue will influence your budget as well as the atmosphereContinue reading “Things to Consider When Selecting a Wedding Venue”

Top Seven Photos With Your Bridesmaids That You Absolutely Need

There are plenty of photos you have probably considered taking on your wedding day. What about the ladies that are helping you and have helped throughout the entire wedding planning process? You know you’ll take group shots of the entire bridal party but here is a list of photos to get with your bridesmaids asContinue reading “Top Seven Photos With Your Bridesmaids That You Absolutely Need”

Tips for Planning a Wedding in Uncertain Times

The world is currently experiencing a wave of uncertainty but this doesn’t mean we can’t still find ways to focus on the important, exciting, and special aspects of our lives, including weddings.Love should always be at the core of anything related to wedding planning. When there is a loving energy, you can get through anyContinue reading “Tips for Planning a Wedding in Uncertain Times”

What to Expect From Your Planner

Obviously, every planner is different so for specific expectations you want to refer to your contract. There are some basic expectations though that I will go over as well as what NOT to expect. For starters, your wedding planner is your GUIDE. Your wedding planner is going to give you advice and can save youContinue reading “What to Expect From Your Planner”

Venue Spotlight

Are you looking for a venue in Northern Michigan? Boyne has endless options for you. The level of care from the staff alone is enough for this to be one of my favorite venues to work with. Beach Wedding If you are looking for a beautiful beach wedding then Beach House Lawn is for you.Continue reading “Venue Spotlight”