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Introducing Eric & Erika!

Co-owners of Sensational Events, Erika and Eric are husband and wife team based in northern Michigan! They provide draping, lighting, chair and decor rentals for weddings. They also have full-theme decor like props and tablescapes for corporate events or parties!

Tell us a little about you, your family, etc…

My name is Erika, and my husband Eric and I own and operate Sensational Events! We have been married for (almost) 9 years, and we have two daughters who are 7 and 9. I absolutely love being a mom! In our spare time, we like to go camping, have game nights with our friends and their children, and visit the smoky mountains when we can!

How long have you been a drapery expert?

Eric and I have been providing drapes for weddings and events for 8 years. However, we are constantly learning new ways and perfecting our craft each year!

What is the most challenging part about drapery service for you?

The most challenging part of drapery for us is having to plan for a different venue or different style tent that we are unfamiliar with. We usually will try to do a “mock up” ahead of time if we are able, just to get an idea of what we can and cant do with what the space allows. We like to be prepared before the big day!

What specifically do you love about drapery?

I love how it can completely change a space. We have decorated a few pole barns, even with storage items still in the barn, and we are able to hide and soften everything to the point where it doesn’t even look like a pole barn! The best part of drapery is being able to temporarily hide items or eyesores; it allows all different types of spaces to be used for weddings. We have even draped in an airplane hangar!

What is your favorite part of the wedding day?

My favorite part of the wedding day is right before the wedding; when the room is put together and everything is in its place, the vendors are running around finishing the final details. It’s fun to see everything come together. I love seeing the complete design that each of the couples or planners have put together; all of the personal details and thoughts that went into it. Every one is different and unique.

What are your best tips to help your wedding day go more smoothly?

My tips for helping a wedding day go more smoothly is to not stress! I know that’s a hard thing to do sometimes- but with all of the couples that I’ve worked with (along with myself at my own wedding) the ones that are less stressed about little details are able to enjoy their day so much more. Don’t try to take on too much- Lean on family and vendors, let everyone else take care of the details so you can soak up as much of your wedding day as possible!

What have couples said about Sensational Events?

Some of my favorite comments we have gotten from couples are:

“Erika and Eric were the absolute best to work with!! They are such wonderful people and truly strive to make your day perfect. They made our wedding feel like a fairytale with the stunning draping, chairs, and lights”

“I was speechless when I saw our wedding barn. It was so beautiful, and they took my vision and ran with it! Also, some of the easiest people to work with. They made my wedding day perfect”

“There aren’t enough positive accolades in the world to describe how wonderful it was to work with Sensational Events in Traverse City. They made our June wedding and absolute dream come true”

Last but not least, what is one of your favorite wedding memories?

One of my favorite wedding memories was at a wedding a couple years ago while we were setting up, our bride had told us that she had decided on that particular venue based on a picture she had seen of our draping. It was just a simple but extra special comment to know that we made that big of a difference in the planning of a couples wedding.

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