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Tell us a little about you, your family

My wife Amanda and I have been married for four years now. Our son, Hendrix, was born in September and has taken both of our hearts. Rusch Entertainment is celebrating 50 years of business this year!

How long have you been a DJ?

I started as a DJ at a middle school dance at the age of 13. The school didn’t have dances, so my dad called them and convinced them to have a fundraiser dance and he would supply them with a DJ for free. He got me setup, gave me a box of CD’s (yeah, CD’s!) and that was my first gig!

What is the most challenging part about being a DJ for you?

The most challenging part about being a DJ has nothing to do with playing music. For me, it is finding a work-life balance. I take pride in having a crazy schedule. 100 + weddings and tons of other private, corporate, high school, and fashion events a year. Now that I am a father, I really want to find a better work-life balance and have been learning to say no to potential clients to spend more time with family.

Describe your style. How did you develop it?

I feel that my style is unique compared to most wedding DJ’s in Michigan. I take a serious pride in making sure no two events are alike. Just because I’m a wedding DJ doesn’t mean I have to show up and play line dances and the latest Bruno and JT song. In fact, I don’t play line dances unless requested by my client.

What specifically do you like about being a DJ?

It’s all about the “ohh’s and ahhh’s for me. The reaction I get from mixing in the perfect track while the dance floor is already packed. I love mixing in throwbacks with current chart toppers and love finding unique remixes to perfectly compliment the soundtrack to a wedding day.

If you could describe your DJ style in 6 adjectives, what would they be?

Upbeat. Confident. Caring. Knowledgeable. Unique. Personable.

What is your favorite part of the wedding day?

The second I open the dance floor up to all the guests! The other stuff is easy. Anyone can read names off of a paper for introductions, play dinner music, and play the first few dances. I love playing the first song (always make it an upbeat song) and keeping everyone on the dance floor until the venue kicks us out.

Give us some advice for couples looking for a DJ:

Do your research. Don’t just look at websites such as The Knot and read reviews. I tell my couples to stalk (on social media) your potential vendors. You are with them all day so make sure you like them personally! I also encourage couples to ask for photos, videos, and live mixes.

What are your best tips to help your wedding day go more smoothly?

My number 1 tip for couples is all about their timeline. Just because we have 24 hours in a day doesn’t mean your wedding needs to take up half of that. The best weddings are 5-6 hours max and that is including the ceremony. I try to advise all my couples to stick to 5-6 hours. I have DJ’d weddings that had a 2:00 ceremony and reception ending at midnight. Think about going to a concert…They are typically 2-3 hours. Anything more than 6 hours feels like it is dragged on and guests end up leaving. Also, who can handle an open bar for 8 hours? The long weddings end up sloppy. Try to leave your guests wanting more on the dance floor at the end of the night!

What are your best tips to help couples enjoy their wedding day?

Hire professionals! You don’t want to worry about a vendor not showing up or showing up late. Invest in a planner with experience to make sure you won’t have to worry about a single thing on your wedding day besides having the best day ever.

What have couples said about Casey Rusch?

Review #1

“Casey was amazing! He made the day so stress free for us and everyone had a blast. My legs are still sore from dancing so much! We have had so many compliments of how the music was perfect for both the ceremony and reception. We seriously cannot thank him enough for making the day exactly what I dreamed of. ?? Covid may have impacted our day in so many ways and it wasn’t exactly what we had planned, but I will be forever great-full that Casey hung in there with us through the entire process and did whatever he could to make it perfect. You will not be disappointed if you book him for any special event.”

Review #2

“Where do we even begin?! Casey was the best DJ we could have envisioned! Casey was so easy to work with, and stayed super flexible throughout the changes from planning our wedding during the pandemic. After giving Casey a few songs we wanted to hear he knew exactly that type of music we wanted playing through the night and developed a legendary playlist for our wedding. From the music playing at dinner, to every song throughout the night, the atmosphere was absolutely perfect! Everyone we talked to raved about the DJ and the music playing, from young to old. A DJ can make or break the mood of a wedding at times, and with Casey you’re guaranteed to have the best experience. Highly highly recommend! We hope to have another big party or event, just so we can have him DJ again!!”

What is one of your favorite wedding memories?

My favorite wedding memory was when I made something out of nothing. It was a wedding in the middle of summer and we had a monsoon-like storm hit us. Non-stop rain was pouring off each side of the tent and people were standing on chairs and using brooms to push up on the tent to release pools of water so the tent didn’t cave in during dinner. Everyone was barefoot and the inside of the tent was a giant puddle. I had two options. 1 – pack up and take cover. 2 – turn some frowns upside down. After seeing the bride in tears, I knew I was going with option 2. I played every song that was about rain…Rihanna – “Umbrella”, Toto – “Africa”, BJ Thomas – “Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head”, Blind Melon – “No Rain”, etc….Needless to say, we turned the depressing rained out dinner to an all out dance party.

Here’s the review from my bride from this event:

“I will start out by saying that I was the bride who thought we didn’t need a DJ–we knew some specific music we wanted, and were looking for someone who understood our tastes and expectations, and I even argued with my now husband that we could “just put on an iPod.” An iPod could not have saved our wedding. Casey did. Having a weather disaster during your outdoor reception (monsoon-like storm passed over at the beginning) is less than ideal for most couples, let alone vendors, but Casey absolutely outdid himself. Even when there was a power outage and his equipment was getting dripped on, he found a way to make things work and insisted on staying. Not only that, but he took the initiative to start playing some rain-themed music ahead of the usual dance events and everyone LOVED it. The dance floor became the high ground from the water, and people were there the entire night. Our reception would have absolutely fallen apart without his spirit and help. We were deeply grateful from the bottom of our hearts, and are preaching the gospel of Rusch to every engaged couple we know. I’d give fifty stars if I could.”

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