Incorporating Food Into Your Wedding: Wedding Planning for The Foodie

Wedding planning is hard and the wedding date is fast approaching. You’re trying to nail down all of the details to make sure that your big day goes down in the record books as the best wedding ever.  You know that having good food is critical to the overall experience, but how do you plan a unique, delicious menu that doesn’t make everyone feel groggy as soon as they eat it?  The typical chicken, starch, and vegetable is so passé and doesn’t give your guests the energy they will need to cut a rug to the tunes of your meticulously chosen DJ.

If you want what’s best for you and your guests, consider ditching the “wedding food” and opting for incorporating gut-friendly food into your menu. It’s surprisingly simple to implement plus, you’ll significantly diversify your guests’ options, empower them to make healthy decisions for themselves, and even educate them that healthy food can be celebration food.

I’m sure you’ve heard of sauerkraut, kimchi, and kombucha. These are all probiotic, meaning they work with the gut microbiome to bring about balance within the body and increase nutrient retention and energy levels. When the gut is happy, the heart and mind are happy.  Providing good nourishment is a highly-effective way to ensure your guests are in a positive and healthy state.

When wedding planning many couples opt for dessert indulgences. While there is a place for this, they aren’t necessarily the best choices. Sure they’re crowd-pleasers, but in 30 minutes, your guests will want to nap instead of shake-a-tailfeather on the dance floor. Instead, Greek yogurt serves as a probiotic dessert option to serve alongside your cake.  You could create parfaits with cacao and honey drizzle.  It would also be delicious used as an aerated topping for molten lava cake or pie instead of whipped cream.

Are you looking for a way to blend healthy and fun? Wedding planning doesn’t have to be boring. Consider using kimchi and sauerkraut as hot dog toppings.  A hotdog bar could be a whimsical and nostalgic late-night snack station.   You could use a blend of all beef organic uncured grass-fed hot dogs and their meatless counterparts.  Ditch the typical buns for sourdough buns, which are also probiotic.   To add some fizz to the festivities, you can serve kombucha alongside alcohol.

Take care of your guests’ bodies and minds to keep their spirits up and the party rockin’.

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