Heart Wedding Decor

How long have you been a designer and wedding décor provider?

I opened Heart Wedding Decor: Happily Ever After Rentals and Tablescaping in 2018.

Tell us a little about you and your family.

I am married to Thomas Heath, owner of Thomas Heath Events and A+ Entertains and I am a dog-mom to four rescued pit bulls.

What is the most challenging part about being a designer for you?

The lack of knowledge out there about how much wedding services cost in our market! I have written a blog about why we are priced the way we are: “What Goes Into Wedding Decor Rental Pricing

Describe your style. How did you develop your style?

Trendy. I’ve always been that way. Everything I wore had to be “in-style” and I still like keeping up with what is modern and on-trend. Even with the music I listen to!

What specifically do you like about designing?

I love using my creative muscles (so to speak) developed from years working as a Quality Engineer in the automotive paint industries. I DO know color!

If you could describe your design in 6 adjectives they would be:

1) timeless
2) customized
3) approachable
4) surprising
5) personal
6) heartfelt

What is your favorite part of the wedding day?

When my couple walks into the finished space. Mood boards and mock-ups NEVER convey how beautiful the finished space will be.

Give us some advice for couples looking for a designer/décor provider.

Ask questions! Not sure what to ask? See my blog titled “10 Questions to Ask a Decor Rental Company

What are your best tips to help your wedding day go more smoothly?

For us, it’s all about communication prior to a couple’s wedding day. I’ve reached out to the other vendors and venues well ahead of the Big Day so everyone knows our ETA, what we are supplying, etc. Coordination efforts make a smoother wedding day for everyone!

What are your best tips to help couples enjoy their wedding day?

Eat something! And no drinking on an empty stomach. Trust in the pros you’ve hired! Hopefully, you have hired the best vendors your budget allowed and they have exemplary reviews (Trust and believe!). Keep in mind that as with most things, you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to wedding vendors.

What have couples said about Heart Wedding Décor?

Almost every one of our couples has said that we are very quick to respond to emails, messages, texts, etc. Our couples are our top priority when it comes to responding. They have also said that we like to take a design idea from them and “run with it” i.e. we take everything we’ve learned and everything they’ve rented and put it together in a way that reflects them personally. And there might be a surprise or two in there as well.

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