Charlevoix Yacht Club

The Charlevoix Yacht Club in 1970 when some local yachtsmen published a cruising schedule. When the club first came around, activities included on and off-shore events. Much if what the club is was created during volunteered time and labor for renovations to the Charlevoix Train Depot. This became the clubhouse in 1974.

The club just opened their event venue this year, and held their first event in September! This event is exclusive, new and unique. There’s nothing quite like the ambiance of being surrounded by yachts with all your loved ones in your best dress. Here’s some information from the club about the venue:

What is your venue’s history?

We had an established yacht club across the street, and some members had the desire to be on the waterfront. Things fell into place and here we are. We now have a private club upstairs for members and the main floor is our event hall with an expansive covered porch available for the public to rent for events. Our venue overlooks beautiful Lake Charlevoix.

What do most people love about your venue?

Our venue is brand new, yet feels like it has been here a long time. It’s design, timeless and classy, creates the perfect backdrop for simple to luxurious weddings and other events.

Inside the event hall at Charlevoix Yacht Club Event Venue

How many people can your venue hold?

The venue can hold up to 150 guests comfortably. In the fair weather months, we have doors that fold open for a more open air feel.

Am I able to bring in my own vendors or do I have to choose from a list?

Vendors are allowed as long as they meet our requirements for insurance and licensure.

Do you offer coordination and if so, what does that entail?

Yes! We have a Captain of Events to make sure everything runs smoothly. She can work directly with your wedding planner or you personally.

Can couples bring in their own alcohol?

Yes as long as it is served by a licensed and insured bartending service.

If I bring in my own caterer, is there a kitchen available for them to use?


Can we have multiple events (i.e. rehearsal dinner, welcome party, after wedding brunch, etc.)?

Yes, this can be arranged.

What else do you want to share about your venue?

We are excited to have a new landmark in our community that we can share! Not only for our members, but now serving the public is included and we love every minute of it. We would love to host your wedding!

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